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The Lawgtail Tale

lawgtail, surf, leash

A Tale of “Lawgtail”

In the 1970's a lifeguard would use a whistle lanyard to hang on to his log for safety because he never wore a leash.

Throughout the years he designed more comfortable handholds to ease finger pain. He tried different materials until he was happy with his creation he called, “Lawgtail”.

He Once Wrote:

“A surfer can hold on to a longboard by the Lawgtail to get under the whitewater and not get pummeled. It's perfect for pulling your board across the sandbar and it's easy to grab during the chase after you fall”.

One year he gave “Lawgtail” as gifts that started a local buzz. The lifeguard soon passed and “Lawgtail”, its patterns and all of the drawings were seemingly lost. Just like finding a missing treasure, 40-years later in a vine wrapped barn all of the “Lawgtail” details were found perfectly preserved in the trunk of a crusty 70's Chevy.

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