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What's a Lawgtail?

A familiar reaction we get from surfers when presented with a Lawgtail is a casual "oh yeah, that's really cool", some say with an obvious confused gaze on their face.

To begin Lawgtail is a product that has been well thought out and tested. We started with safety as our primary focus. As longboarding becomes more popular in the surf culture so do the roots of the sport. One of the key elements of longboarding is learning to surf without a leash. If you're from the shortboard scene this can prove to be a particularly challenging task.

When surfing without a leash the days of letting your board fly away freely are over. Falling on your board gracefully is now the method it seems. There're a few other sacrifices when longboarding compared to shortboards. Duck-diving is not happening. In fact when facing a large set of waves you're left with a few options that are pretty much ineffective for someone 150lbs or less.

A large set of waves with a crumbling lip rolling at you is very intimidating to say the least. The choices we have to make in those situations depends on your position in the water as the waves approach. Sometimes you can paddle over and just make it which is the most exciting for sure! Other times you're not so lucky and have to deal with the full force of whitewater coming at you like a massive wall of unpredictability. In those situations it's recommended to "Turtle" your longboard. Those are your choices until now!

Lawgtail is designed to stay behind your surfboard and away from under your feet while surfing. When situations happen as they do. Lawgtail is always there to help you grab your surfboard and hang on. Here's a few ways to use Lawgtail for a better surf session.

  • Attach Lawgtail to your leash cup or existing leash string.

  • Pull the Neoprene Rail-Saver over the knots to protect your surfboard.

  • The handle is designed to allow a few fingers to grab it. Never wrap a Lawgtail around your wrist!

  • Use Lawgtail to pull your board across the sandbar.

  • Grab it after you fall.

  • Use Lawgtail to go under big sets instead of Turtling.

The end result for all levels of surfing is a better way to handle your longboards in any conditions.

Lawgtail is never in your way and "Always There When You Need It!".

Visit to get yours today!

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