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Banana River Sunset

It's hard to find the words to describe the captivating moments of a sinking sunset. The added bonus of having a foreground such as the Banana River makes the experience even more mesmerizing.

This is the time that the locals have a moment

In almost every coastal region of Florida there's a few weeks after school starts and before the snowbird crowd hits. This is the time that the locals have a moment to catch their breath and enjoy a sunset or two. If you're in the tourism or hospitality industries this is especially true.

The end of August brings the Florida temperatures down just enough to feel enjoyable in the evenings. It also marks the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season which for the surf crowd means probably more sunrise viewing than sunsets.

Either way sunrise or sunset, the cooler temperatures are moving down from the north bringing with it the next wave of tourism and big swells. If you're a local of the Florida east coast you know the drill.

Make sure you take a moment to watch a sunset with some friends at one of Brevard's local spots and catch your breath.

Visit before your next surf session.


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