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Glass Light Hotel & Gallery Norfolk

When traveling by commercial airlines to the Outer Banks the likely destination airport is Norfolk. We arrived very late on a muggy Tuesday night in July with nothing but our backpacks and a rental car waiting for us. We had our reservation set at the Glass Light Hotel and Gallery in downtown Norfolk. We arrived at the hotel around midnight and we were pleasantly surprised by the instant hospitality. The lobby is peppered with wonderful glass art that greets you as you walk in and there's no mistaken where you are at.

As we opened the door to our hotel room immediately you notice the huge bathroom that has a shower for a small crowd plus this wonderful glass sink that lights-up when you enter the space.

We awoke the next morning with the sunrise peacefully glowing behind our drawn shades and the faint sound of a city starting its day. After a nice breakfast in the hotel restaurant we made our way to the gallery.

Stunning, wow, and amazing are all we could say the entire time we were in the gallery. Everything has the craftsmanship of masters in arts. Jaw dropping artwork and presentation will astound you in this historical location right in the heart of Norfolk, Virginia.

The Glass Light Hotel and Gallery is now on the Atlantis Surf list of stops when traveling.


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